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NetRexx 3.07 GA released - 2018/10/01

NetRexx 3.07 GA is available for download. More…

NetRexx 3.07 BETA released - 2018/08/03

NetRexx 3.07 BETA is available for download and testing. More…

NetRexx moves - 2016-10-22

NetRexx moves to git and Sourceforge More…

Changes for NetRexx 3.04 are:
  • First release after Kermit Kiser's passing. He will be remembered fondly for all his work.
  • NetRexx has moved to Git on SourceForge for version management
  • A new level of the Eclipse Java Compiler in NetRexxF.jar
  • A build error on IBM's J9 JVM's was fixed
  • The org.netrexx.address package was added as a foundation for OS shell interaction
  • New documentary comments in nrc.bat and NetRexxC.bat for windows (Kermit Kiser)
  • Java2Nrx and sysutils tools moved from contrib repository to tools (Marc Remes)
  • All examples are now versioned under the master branch
  • A fix for the RexxComparator class
  • Various fixes and additions to documents.

Download NetRexx 3.05GA
You can unzip this and run NetRexx.